All doors and drawer fronts are select, solid wood frame and panel made from the finest grades of wood to ensure grain and color quality. The selections are divided into groups which are referenced on our pricing sheet.

See sample selection for true stain colors and finishes.

See back page for outside edge detail and panel profile.

  Group #1        
  REVERE 3/4 (800)   SHAKER 3/4 (834)   VALENCIA 3/4 (81)
    Select Red Oak   Select Maple   Select Hickory
Group #2            
LIBERTY 3/4 (810)   LEXINGTON 3/4 (825)   TIFFANY 3/4 (260)   CENTURY 3/4 (405)
Select Cherry/C Panel    Select Maple/S-Panel   Select Hickory   Select Hickory
Group #3      
Our most popular doors are displayed on this page. However, if you do not see a style that you like, please contact us for other selections.
* Limited pull styles available because of contoured face. Call for details.
  FLAGSTAFF 3/4 (835)
Select Cherry
  EL DORADO 3/4 (824)
Select Hickory
  FALLBROOK 3/4 (592) *
Select Maple