Customize your kitchen’s look by selecting a drawer style whose number matches the two or three-digit door style number. Each door has a match in Drawer Group #1 and other styles are available in the other drawer groups for specific doors as shown below.
  Group #1   Group #2   Group #3   Group #4
All Door Styles   Door Styles:
800, 810, 825, 260
6” minimum height
  Door Styles:
834, 835
6” minimum height
  Door Style: 405
For a quick estimate, follow the steps below:
There are many different methods that can be used to estimate the cost of refacing. However, for years we have used the simple and accurate approach of drawing a “head on” sketch of the kitchen. There are three basic kitchen designs which include the Galley, L-Shape, and U-Shape but regardless of the design, pricing is based on the door selection and wood species. See our measuring and pricing guide for determining an exact price.
Count the total number of doors in your kitchen -- be sure to include both upper and base doors.  
    A. Multiply the total number of doors by an average square foot factor as indicated below:  
      2.5 if your upper cabinets are 30” high  
        3.0 if your upper cabinets are 36” high  
        3.5 if your upper cabinets are 42” high  
        Example: Total number of doors = 18  
          Upper cabinets are 30” high  
          18 x 2.5 = 45 total square feet  
    B. Select the door style from page 4 and choose a wood species from our pricing sheet --note that prices are based on square foot. To find the square foot price for your selected door style, match the two or three-digit number of your desired door style from our brochure with the numbers on our pricing sheet. Keep in mind that you do not have to use the same style of door for both the upper and base cabinets (see cover), however, because this is only a quick estimate, select one style of door for all square footage pricing. Multiply your square foot total from above by the square foot price to get the total door cost.
Example: 45 x $26.60 = $1197.00
Count your drawer fronts -- be sure to include all non-opening drawers, the sink base, etc. As each drawer front is a minimum of one square foot in our pricing, select a drawer front style from above and a wood species by group number, and then simply multiply the total number of drawers by the drawer front price.
Example: 8 drawers x $31.70 = $253.60
On average, 65% of the cost for refacing is based on the doors and drawer fronts. Add the door and drawer front totals together to determine this portion.
Example: $1197 + $253.60 = $1450.60
The remaining balance of 35% entails the side panels, trim molding, solid wood facing, hinges, miscellaneous glue, adhesive, screws, etc. Multiply your new total by 35% to determine this balance.
Example: .35 x $1450.60 = $507.71
Total for doors, drawer fronts, panel, facing, and accessories: $1450.60 + $507.71 = $1958.31
Door style, wood species, and kitchen size are all factors in determining the final price, so a quick estimate is only an average. If you see the savings potential, it will be worth your while to take the time to figure an exact price.