Outside Edge (OE) Detail For
Doors and Drawer Fronts
Raised Panel Profiles
Concealed INSERTA CLIP Hinges
  Blumís INSERTA hinges offer the quickest and easiest tool-free installation method in the industry. The hinge is placed into a pre-bored door, and with fingertip pressure, the cover is pushed closed to expand both gripper arms in the center hold for a firm connection.   
  CLIP hinges have become the standard for fast and efficient cabinet construction and installation. Tool-free mounting of hinge to mounting plate means installers can quickly remove the doors without affecting the independent adjustments.   
Q.  Do I have the ability and the skills?
  A.  An eye for perfection is helpful. Our many unskilled customers have acheived amazing results (see some of our satisfied customers, page 2).  
  Q.  Do I need special tools?  
  A.  Our products are pre-finished and furnished to you ready to install. MUST tools include power drill, phillips head screw driver, mitre saw, caulking gun (adhesive included), hot glue gun, edge roller (for wood tape), and hammer and finish nails. Power tools and brad nailer are helpful but not required.  
  Q.  How long will it take?  
  A.  Determined by size of kitchen and individual work ethic. The project could take as little as a weekend to ---- ? Cabinets can be worked on as is, so kitchen is usable at all times.  
  Q.  What about quality?  
  A.  After 20 years, we have learned that there is no shortcut to quality. Only the finest selection of hardwoods and accessories are used; finishes that last are easily maintained to give that fresh look through the years.  
  Q.  What if I make a mistake in ordering or installing?  
  A.  We have experienced employees available on our 24-hour hotline. If you follow our measuring and ordering guidelines, supplying us with the information required, most errors are eliminated before they ever happen. When followed, the installation instructions that come with the kit guarantee professional results